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Apr 9, 2004 · Just a saw that works when needed with enough power is. A few saws from Husqvarna fit that scenario, 460 Rancher, 555, 565 are the ones that come to mind. Priced lower than the "XP" variants but have the same hard parts like cases cranks and cylinders, these saw were built to work and last.

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Addicted to ArboristSite. Joined Jun 4, 2008 Messages 5,533 Reaction score 938 Location Nations Capital....seriously. Nov 17, 2010 #67 ... Happiness is a new, well-chosen, quality chain saw. and the rapidity with which it can effortlessly reduce a pile of logs to sticks. In a half hour I did what it would have taken 2 hours and 3 tanks with the ...Eugene, OR. Dec 27, 2019. #19. Just reviving an old thread with my experience. I have an older red choke lever 026 that needed a new fuel line. I didn't have a 1121 358 7705 on hand and using the S shaped 1121 358 7700 I had would have required drilling out the tank hole. The I found that the 1119 358 7701 fit the small hole tank and …When you’re searching for a new chainsaw or seeking the right power tools for a project, finding a Ryobi dealer near you is likely on the agenda. Check out this guide to find local...Jan 19, 2012 · Mar 29, 2012. #15. I never gave chaps much thought until I cut my knee and needed an ER visit. I then researched and chose the Labonville full wrap, 10 ply competion chaps. The full wrap is reasuring as I do a lot of ground level brush cutting and 10 plies should have no problem stopping my MS 261. It seems most 16 inch chains are 56 links. I'm guessing maybe the bar is a tad wider (taller) than normal? Anyhow - on Bailey's it shows both 56 and 57 link chains for that model. While I can buy the 57 I have another chainsaw, Echo CS-400 with a 16 inch bar, which uses 16 inch chain with 56 links.

The parts will swap out to a 660/650 EVL echo and the parts will sell for more than the whole. Particularly the jug/piston, the coil/ module, the handle and the bottom carrier. All the other parts will sell too. Unless it's pristine, then the whole saw might get some higher $$ action. This is based on selling four orange ones and one yellow one ...The McCulloch sp125 is just about at its best at 175 psi / depending on which type combustion chamber you have. The Poulan 71A is just about at its best at 135psi and will still run on 90psi. Compression is relative to a lot of factors to that particular engine. I have a promac 800 and it has 180psi.Chainsaw . MS290 TO 390 CONVERSION OR STICK WITH OEM. Thread starter stihlfan7; Start date Oct 25, 2022; Help Support Arborist Forum: This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others. ... ArboristSite Lurker. Joined Dec 2, 2011 Messages 43 Reaction score 66. Oct 27, 2022

Chainsaw . John Deere 51VS Echo equivalent. Thread starter bama; Start date Apr 15, 2012; Help Support Arborist Forum: This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others. ... Sponsor. Joined Mar 9, 2007 Messages 2,000 Reaction score 329 Location New York. Apr 15, 2012 #5 Yes I ...ArboristSite Guru. Joined Nov 11, 2006 Messages 966 Reaction score 93 Location NC. Oct 29, 2007 #4 if you can get a pro quality saw.Anyones pro saw is better than like the 310 . Reply. woodchuck361 ArboristSite Guru. Joined ... I am looking at purchasing a new Stihl chainsaw in the near future. I have been looking at Stihl's product line and ...

Dec 30, 2010 · Addicted to ArboristSite. Joined Jan 9, 2009 Messages 1,711 Reaction score 431 Location gold hill,nc. Jan 13, 2011 #2 Chain Saw Collectors Corner - Gasoline Chain ... Aug 1, 2009. #20. Yeah stringy vegetation/ grass/ vines/twine can unknowingly bind up hidden under a clutch and cause the chain to spin at idle, but usually it's just thin worn springs and likely the spring holes are worn grooved too, whole new clutch always the best but if the spring holes aren't too shabby, then just new springs'll do it, the ...Last post. MS170 Chain Spinning at Idle. Started by mitchstockdale. Replies: 7. Views: 370. Yesterday at 03:45:08 PM. by mitchstockdale. stihl 041 super mod with decomp installed. Started by buckyboy.Location. Southern Ontario. Sep 25, 2004. #5. Stihl Special Tools. I was in a "very reputable Stihl Dealer", and asked one of their mechanics about the "crankcase tools". He replied that the Stihl tools were "too expensive" and uses a regular press etc. Saab does the same thing. (20 pages of Special Tools).

Northern Illinois. Nov 2, 2005. #1. I finally got to see a 7900 up close and make a few test cuts. Real smooth power. But what's up with the tiny stock air filter? The guy that let me try his saw, modified a Husky 365 air filter to fit the Dolmar cover. He said rpm's went from 12,800 to 13,500 with this mod.

Mar 6, 2024 · When it comes to arborists and their chainsaws, one thing is for certain - they need a reliable and efficient tool to tackle the toughest jobs. That's where the 104 drive …

6. Location. U.S.A. Jan 7, 2024. #1. I recently went to the local Stihl dealer (also a tool rental company) and asked them what their most reliable saw was. To my amazement, they claimed that MS170 was far more reliable than any of their professional saws (the most popular of which is the MS261). Apparently even though their MS170s …2,354. Location. North eastern Ct USA. Mar 19, 2014. #3. cc is the displacement determined by the stroke and cylinder diameter and adjusted to that unit of measure. It is an exact number. Horsepower is essentially torque times revolutions per minute. Both torque and horsepower in the chainsaw world seem to be listed as a maximum, usually with ...Feb 5, 2020 · Feb 22, 2020. #9. I’ve got a pair of the notch armor flex chainsaw pants and absolutely love them. Drawback is they are hot. I live in the Midwest and can really only wear them from about October to March comfortably. I attempted a day of felling and slashing in 85+ in them and wanted to strip down. 4. Location. Wisconsin. Feb 9, 2006. #3. skwerl said: I have 2 loops of RSC and have used it side by side with Oregon and Stihl RS. The RSC is smoother and it appears to be ever so slightly faster. The RS is discontinued in 3/8" but the RSC (C is for Comfort) is an improvement in performance.This is for stickies that are in the chainsaw forum. Once you PURCHASE a sticky with your credits a moderator will move it from Chainsaw to here. Threads. 38. Messages. 317.6K. The Beg for Manuals Thread. Yesterday at 11:59 PM. atpchas.I have been thinking about buying another chainsaw so we could have two chainsaws going at the same time. We do not sell wood, we just cut wood for ourselves since we have an OWB. I don't really know how much wood we cut in a year but it is at least several rick. We currently have a John Deere CS56 and I think it doesn't have the power like it ...

Chainsaw . Just bought a new husqvarna 565. Thread starter FXDL; Start date Dec 10, 2020; Help Support Arborist Forum: This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others. ... Addicted to ArboristSite AS Supporting Member. Joined Mar 6, 2008 Messages 2,062 Reaction score 1,238 Location henderson TN.Chainsaw Enthusiast AS Supporting Member. Joined Nov 25, 2006 Messages 19,693 Reaction score 37,682 Location Minnesota. Oct 23, 2015 #5 OBX Koastie said: ... ArboristSite Member. Joined Aug 4, 2013 Messages 51 Reaction score 32 Location Virginia & North Carolina. Oct 24, 2015 #12Jun 5, 2013. #8. 4492011 said: Laser is just Carlton rebranded for Cutters Choice. We have no branding of cutters choice here, but the small print on laser chain boxes we get, says Manufactured by Blount [Europe] so that is Oregon/Carlton perent company Only critisism I have of it is the stretch when new.Chainsaw . best BAR-n-CHAIN oil. Thread starter 333.okh; Start date May 7, 2013; Help Support Arborist Forum: This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others. ... ArboristSite Operative. Joined Nov 1, 2011 Messages 121 Reaction score 23 Location Bemidji, MN. May 7, 2013 #20Jan 17, 2010. #4. Trail saw. I carry my saw (036) on my shoulder when clearing trails, with a Pack Shack cover over the Stihl blade guard. My gas goes into MSR bottles and my oil into an old Nalgene bottle. I put all the other stuff -- wedges, scrench, extra bar and chain, etc. into a rucksack and run an axe through the pack's loops.

Chainsaw chain grinder help. Started by slice107. Pages 1 2... 4 All. Replies: 83 Views: 3,315. April 18, 2024, 02:49:21 PM by Ben Cut-wright. Mac 10-10 spark "fuel" and compression but won't start. Started by MelonBoi1. Pages 1 2 3 All. Replies: 62 Views: 2,478. April 16, 2024, 09:40:22 PM by WLzM1A. Ms290 Big Bore Rebuild .

Oct 30, 2023. #14. Got a "NEO-TEC NS8105 36 inch Gas ChainSaw with Guide Bar Chain,2-Cycle Power Head 105cc Power Chain Saw 4.8KW 6.5HP Gasoline Chainsaws,All Parts Compatible with G070 070 090". After inspection will leave it as an "emergency saw" only, without oil and gas to rot the chinese parts.Ok so as i understand it the "gauge" refers to the thickness of the metal that make up the links and cutter sections. .043 being thinner. Also the .050 takes out a bigger chip than the .043. The chip the .043 takes out is also often shallower than the .050. The .043 chains make a thinner cut and ( theoretically) require less power to run. The ...ArboristSite Lurker. Trying to replace the chain on a Stihl 011AV that my Brother bought used - replacement chain is a Oregon S55 AdvanceCut. Am using the Stihl 011 owners manual PDF for guidance but the chain appears to be too short to fit on over the bar tip when engaged with the drive sprocket.The ones that aren't in cases are usually stored upright unless they fit better on their side on the shelves. Don't think it makes any difference at all to the saw. Some saws can seep fuel through the vents if stored in certain positions. Know your saw and treat it accordingly. This won't keep me awake at night.The 2 in 1 should drop the depth gauges at the same time, but it is not a progressive filing tool. The cutter height is lowered by filing it, and the angle of drop from the cutter to the depth gauge will get less and less. Easily remedied by filing the depth gauges with a flat file, but don't drop them too much.Chainsaw spike. Thread starter chase; Start date Nov 22, 2010; chase. Nov 22, 2010. C. chase ArboristSite Operative. Joined Aug 24, 2007 Messages 155 Location Ohio. ... Addicted to ArboristSite. Joined Apr 7, 2005 Messages 1,437 Location Sweden. Nov 23, 2010 #13

6400 leaves you the ability to jump to 79-84cc on future. 6100 is better power to weight and better balanced for 60cc. Really just depends on what you want/need now or in the future. I currently have a 421 and an Echo 500p. I am a firewood hack but am in need of a saw with more power for felling and bucking.

Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge. Kensie1988. Oct 12, 2016. chainsaw homelite mcculloch pioneer p28 poulan stihl 020av 3522830 vintage. Help Support Arborist Forum: This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others. 1. 2. 3.

Aug 23, 2011 · Arboristsite is a forum & classifieds website for arborists, chainsaws, tree worker and firewood processing. Forums for all aspects of tree work, chainsaws... Sep 26, 2011. #7. 385xp history. Mike, These are some notes on 385xp that I pulled off the site before getting the 385xp that I used to have. Changes over time. -Change tank caps to new style. -Modified carb area base during '03. …I see chainsaw parts from China so cheap it makes we wonder how they do it. Carburetors for less than 10 bucks. Pistons and cylinders for less than $20. Plastics for the top and A/F very reasonable. Mufflers for around $10. But I do not see cheap chainsaw bars. Compaired to how hard it is to make a working carburetor a bar is a snap. Yet no ...Dec 16, 2009. #15. Kogafortwo said: It doesn't take 2 hours to grind down the safety humps. Just use a bench grinder. Take the bar and chain off, hold the chain taught on the bar, hold the hump strap up to the bench grinder and hog off as much as you can without damaging the links or adjoining rakers & teeth.You might well have a sleep app that tracks your sleep. I use Sleep Cycle, and have found it has started to even tell me when I cough during the night. It turns out you can run mac...9,505. Reaction score. 1,406. Location. Kansas. Feb 18, 2008. #3. It's a piece of metal, usually alum., mounted on the botom of the saw right in front of the clutch. It's purpose is to catch and absorb the inertia of a broken chain, or a chain that has come off the bar, and slow it so it wont hurt you, or the saw.Bailey's - 16" WoodlandPro Chainsaw Chain Loop The top bar and chain combo plus this for extra chains would be a good match.. maybe or play it safe and get the 20NK66 woodland pro Bailey's - 16" WoodlandPro Chainsaw Chain Loop or just stick with the H30. some say they wouldn't budge from a narrow kerf, it cuts too easy. But what do I know. eace:Stay away from Ebay though--prices are generally just too high. Depending on what you're looking to spend you might want to see if you can land a husky 350 refurb from a dealer. So "best" 50cc saws (used): 346xp NE, MS 260, Dolmar 5100, Dolmar 510. followed by a lot of other decent 270, ms 280, husky 350, jonsy Grand Poobah AS Supporting Member. AS Supporting Member. Joined Aug 3, 2008 Messages 3,029 Reaction score 3,168 Location Princeton MN. Jun 9, 2010 ... Chainsaw Stickies. Hit metal today-chain still usable? Latest: Squareground3691; 21 minutes ago; Chainsaw. New vs. Used chainsaw. Latest: MAD WEED WACKER990; 55 minutes ago;

PFERD is the best I have ever used. Been logging quite a long time. The Save Edge I have never heard of before. But dollars to donuts they are simply an average steel file that has been cryogenically frozen to -385*F. (Google My local saw shop does this to all the saws, bars, and files.Jul 15, 2013 · Jul 15, 2013. #5. The Comet semi diesel saw was produced in Norway around 1949 starting was by a propane gas [ contained in the handle] glow plug to facilitate starting. It weighed approx 19 lbs so was competative weight wise in it`s day, designed by [not sure who actually manufactured it] by one Rasmus Wiig. Buffalo, N.Y. Mar 27, 2010. #2. 63012753 said: Has anyone purchased the Husqvarna T435 low weight tree care chain saw? It is advertised at 35.2 cc/2.0 hp with either a 12" or 14" bar and weights only 7.5 lbs. My local dealer is getting one this week and asking $314.00. I know this is a new model but wondering if anyone has any experience with ...When dealing with a reluctant saw it is wise to check for spark and fuel. Since I find it very difficult to check for spark while also trying to pull the cord, it crossed my mind to give the saw a snort of something, to help diagnose. But pretty reluctant to try "starter fluid" since it has no lube. Even for "just a couple seconds" of running.Instagram:https://instagram. missouri revised state statutesnude anushka sharmakorea bj vipparasite ehentai Reaction score. 2,752. Location. In the Timber. Aug 19, 2015. #10. If you are going with a one saw plan and getting into 24" wood, the 362 is the obvious choice. 50cc saws are nice, but only if you have a 70cc+ saw to handle the bigger stuff. A 60cc saw is a good one saw plan for most users, a 50cc is not.Chainsaw . Best way to clean up a scored cylinder. Thread starter bjorn773; Start date Sep 21, 2009; Help Support Arborist Forum: This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others. ... ArboristSite Operative. Joined Sep 11, 2009 Messages 495 Reaction score 27 Location Northern Illinois. Sep 22 ... facial big boobspictures of nudist families Location. Western PA. Dec 7, 2009. #9. I've had two different chains break off an MS361, 20", .050, 3/8. One broke and was caught by the chain catcher and clutch cover and the other shot straight off the nose of the bar about 20 feet. The chains were new (only 1-2 sharpenings) and were improperly spun at a dealer.Apr 28, 2008. #1. This is a question from a relative novice so be kind in light of my ignorance. I have a Husqvarna 350 which came with an 18 inch bar and chain. I decided to get a 16 inch bar for it and went to the store and bought a Husqvarna HLN 250-66 bar. They didn't have any Husqvarna 16 inch chains so I looked and found an Oregon 16 inch ... big busted lesbians Troms, North Norway. Nov 3, 2005. #2. The most obvious differences is that the 2171 (and Husky 372xp) has a side access chain tensioner, and weights .3 kg (2/3 lbs) more. From what I have read earlier the added weight probably has something to do with correction of weaknesses in the original design (Husky 371/Jred 2071), but I am far from sure ...Apr 3, 2010. #18. SawTroll said: The 2163 is the newer version of the 2063. They have a smaller (62.4cc vs. 65) and "hotter" engine than the 2065/2165. Max power specs are the same, as are the basic design of the saws, they all belong to the Husky 371 "family", and were made at the Husky factory.Chainsaw Collectors ArboristSite Operative. Joined Dec 5, 2023 Messages 176 Reaction score 189 Location Merrill, WI, USA. Feb 5, 2024 #2 Dang, I should really buy a pair of chaps. Reply. Reactions: Remiskeet and user 188535. farmguywithasaw Addicted to ArboristSite AS Supporting Member. Joined May 12, 2016 Messages 1,051 Reaction score